Avari kudum ( steamed urad dal dumplings)

Hai all thanks for liking , commenting n following my blog. This is my all time favourite. It is south Indians traditional breakfast. When some one got ill then in our place they used to feed this with ghee to regain their strength.

Preparation time : 5hrs

Cooking time : 10 mins

Total time : 5 hr 10 mins

Ingredients :

  • Urad dal : 500 GM’s
  • Salt to taste

Method :

  • Soak urad dal for 4 hrs.
  • After 4 hrs clean the dal n grind it as idly batter.
  • While grinding add salt.
  • Take a steamer r idly cooker.
  • If u r having 4 idly moulds in ur plate.
  • Take a large thin white cloth so that whole plate cover the cloth.
  • Pour the batter n close it with same cloth if it is large enough r with another cloth.
  • Repeat the same with all plates.
  • In medium flame cook it for 5 mins.
  • See once aviri kudum cooked evenly if not cook it for another 2 mins.
  • This will be served with ghee .
  • Any spicy powder will be good for this kudum r u can use red garlic chilli powder which I have recipe earlier.

Note :

See that when we pour batter it spread evenly.


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